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WorldPride Quilt Initiative

Displayed June 1 - June 30 with participating locations.


June 1st - 30th, 2020


Various Locations

Throughout New York City


This year, NYC Pride coordinated with community leaders to display portions of The AIDS Memorial Quilt throughout the city and the response has been resounding.

Brian Holman, Manager of Quilt Operation for The NAMES Project explained that he receives “...requests that cover the spectrum. Many requests are for panels that the requester personally created, for celebrities, colleagues or for panels connected to a specific area. I receive requests from panel makers who have found a display near them and wish to see a panel they created in the past. Requests are based both on a personal connection to the person on the panel, but also to their connection to the community as a whole.”

No matter where in the city you might be, passing a high school, shopping, or going to the theater, the quilt will be displayed to mark areas impacted by the pandemic. We pass these locations every day, but for the month of June they will stand in solidarity, honoring the communal grief of those who have lost loved ones to AIDS.

Julie Rhoad, President and CEO of The NAMES Project says, “The Quilt is often as diverse as both the panels—and the lives they honor—as well as the visitors themselves. The Quilt creates a safe space for a range of emotions, from grief to anger to inspiration and everything in-between. Each year The NAMES Project unfolds sections of The Quilt at hundreds of places: high school gymnasiums, community centers, places of worship, art galleries, museums, corporate headquarters, government offices, and wherever it is displayed, The Quilt provides balm for the painful wounds of grief, pours oil into the waters made turbulent by controversy, opens eyes that refuse to see and enlists every person who experiences it to play a role in stopping the epidemic. It is difficult to walk away from The Quilt unchanged.”