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The Ambisextrous by Lex Barberio

A celebration of gender fluidity brought to life through photography

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Saturday, June 15th, 2019


citizenM Times Square

218 West 50th Street


This is free event!


The Ambisextrous is Lex Barberio’s first solo exhibition that will debut on June 15th in New York City during pride month. With the aim of expanding the defintion of beauty and LGBT+ acceptance, the exhibition celebrates gender fluidity and those who dare to be different and be themselves.

Photography is typically displayed in singular photos through paper prints or on canvas among other materials. To enhance the fluidity of the project, Lex is printing these photos in a lenticular (holographic) format that merges all three photos in one print.

Lex Barberio is a queer, New York based, Miami raised artist who grew up seeking and believing in magic. Today, that magic translates into optical illusions and serves as the foundation for her originality in conceptual photography. Lex seeks to celebrate, support, and demystify the LGBTQ+ community through meaningful and captivating pieces that speak to and inspire understanding among familiar and unfamiliar audiences.