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Ace & Aro Conference 2019

Hosting a conference for the asexual and aromantic spectrum communities during WorldPride 2019!


Saturday, June 29, 2019 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Grace Institute

40 Rector St. NY, NY 10006


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We have been working hard to create events that will share the work being done in the ace and aro communities, bring people together, and build community.

Documentary Premiere Friday June 28th: http://acesnyc.org/doc/

Conference on Saturday June 29th : http://acesnyc.org/ace-aro-conference-2019/

Marching in NYC Pride June 30th, if you would like to march with us please email acemeetupsnyc@gmail.com directly

Check out all our events for Pride Month including crafting events, dinners, picnics, and more on www.acesnyc.org/eventscal/

Conference Details:

There will be invited speakers sharing their work, such as authors, researchers, artists, and others. Check out Who’s Coming at: http://acesnyc.org/whos-coming/

Space will be reserved for caucus style meetings for those who have different intersectional experiences, rotating between groups throughout the day. For example, a POC Caucus, a Trans/Non-binary Caucus, Aromantic & Allosexual Caucus, and more.

Un-Conference Style workshops. An un-conference lets attendees shape how they would like to spend their time, removes traditional conference hierarchy, and encourages spontaneous connections. We will take time in the beginning of the day to set an agenda collectively, for a select portion of the conference workshop time slots.

Interactive workshops such as ones on Fast Friending and creating a Collective Experiences Mural.

Lunch is included in a conference ticket with vegan and gluten free options provided. Please indicate dietary restrictions on the ticket questionnaire.